Pesquera works throughout Florida and the rest of the country pursuing claims on behalf of individuals and groups of people who have been injured or killed by dangerous, defective, and/or unsafe products. When a dangerous, defective, and/or unsafe product causes an injury or death, the resulting claim is called a product liability claim. A product liability claim may occur when a product has a design or manufacturing defect or when the manufacturer provides inadequate instructions for use or insufficient warnings about the hazards the product presents. When the same product has injured a number of people, they may join together in a group or class action to pursue recovery for their injuries.

Product liability cases and class action lawsuits are complex. They require an investment of time and money in order to produce a result that reflects the impact the injury has had on the families and survivors of the dangerous, defective, and/or unsafe product. Pesquera knows how to successfully pursue product liability claims and class action lawsuits for our clients. We find the important documents that prove the case. We locate and prepare experts and we explain the case to the judge and jury in a way that makes them understand our client’s injuries and the damages they have suffered.

* These cases are handled together with Pesquera & Associates.