An alarming number of innocent people are in prison after being convicted for sexual crimes and offenses they did not commit. An effective and adequate representation in these type of cases requires from the defense attorney to have special education and have access to a pool of qualified experts willing to testify on your behalf.

Pesquera is a member of the National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center (NCADRC) and attends their international conferences held every other year to ensure he is up to date with the most recent studies and research on the subject matter. Because of the inherent problems that exist in defending sexual abuse cases, especially those involving children, special efforts are required by defense counsel.

Defense attorneys must look for ways to introduce rationality back into the courtroom. We must not allow feelings of sympathy for the victim of child abuse to overwhelm the law or a client’s right to a fair trial under the law. The attorney must look for ways to excuse or avoid the child’s accusation. For this, the child is not to be presented as an active participant in developing a fabricated accusation but rather a victim of adult social influences, adult agendas and adult purposes. Defense attorneys cannot accept the picture of being a mean, hostile, aggressive lawyer who attacks little children to impeach, discredit and confuse them. The attorney must frame his role as a champion of the child, protecting the child from harmful adult social influences, even if it may be well intentioned.

Pesquera has successfully defended numerous clients charged with sexual offenses they did not commit (see section entitled “Our Success Record”). For a confidential consultation please contact our office at (407) 898-4000.